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Several years ago, an informal and loose-knit Unsaturated Zone Interest Group (UZIG) was created within the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) to facilitate communication and collaboration among scientists involved in unsaturated zone investigations throughout our organization. Such a forum was needed within the Survey because those of us involved with unsaturated zone research were dispersed through three research centers and many of our fifty District offices, and we had limited opportunity to compare notes in our regular activities. 

The major activity of UZIG is to conduct informal meetings approximately every two to three years. The bulk of the meeting consists of 2 days or so of informal presentations of current work. Presentations are usually 30 minutes in length, including discussion. In recent meetings, we have added a poster session. The philosophy of UZIG is to provide a forum in which ideas can be developed and exchanged at a more leisurely pace than is allowed in the typical 15-minute national meeting venue. Additionally, the very informal nature of the meetings allows for the presentation of new ideas that might not yet be adequately developed and investigated for presentation in a formal setting. Meetings are held at various locations around the country, and include a half-day to one-day field trip in addition to the talks. The meetings also include a session on news of relevance to the UZIG members and a short business session. 

Meeting attendance typically ranges from about 40 to 70 persons. In the early years, nearly all of the participants were from the USGS. However, as the group has evolved, attendance by colleagues from outside the USGS has steadily increased, and we now have attendees from various National Laboratories, including PNNL, INEEL, LANL, LBNL, and LLNL; Department of Energy personnel; the Agricultural Research Service; Cold Regions Research Establishment and Laboratory; and various Universities. Until now, such outside participation has arisen through informal word-of-mouth contacts. Our 2001 meeting, however, was held near the INEEL facility in Idaho and a large contingent from that facility attended. In 2003, our meeting was held near PNNL in Washington and a large contingent from that facility attended. We encourage this type of interest in the future. 

The announcement for our next meeting and call for papers will be sent to all UZIG members and will appear on this web page. We hope that you will be interested in attending. You should feel free to submit a talk or poster, but neither is required. You can find out more about us by consulting other pages within this web site. The informality of our group has many benefits. Unfortunately, we do not have funds to support travel costs.

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Last modified: March, 2013